Niharti Mustard Oil

Niharti Mustard Oil

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Product: Niharti Mustard Oil

Pack Size(s) Available: 12x250ml, 6x500ml, 6x1ltr, 4x5ltr

Vat Code: 1 Vatable

Brand: Niharti

Product Category: Oils

Country Of Origin: India

Additional images
Code Description Barcode
NIH9059DC NIHARTI PURE MUSTARD OIL 4x5ltr 5021885701245
NIH9059 NIHARTI PURE MUSTARD OIL (PM £1.49) 12x250ml 5021885701177
NIH9059A NIHARTI PURE MUSTARD OIL (PM £2.49) 6x500ml 5021885701184
NIH9059C NIHARTI PURE MUSTARD OIL (PM £4.49) 6x1ltr 5021885702068
Product:Niharti Mustard Oil
Pack Size(s) Available:12x250ml, 6x500ml, 6x1ltr, 4x5ltr
Vat Code:1 Vatable
Product Category:Oils
Country Of Origin:India
Ingredients100% Pure Mustard Oil (Rai)
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