Founded in 1973 with humble beginning as a small retail store in Burnt Oak, London by Shah Brothers, Top-Op Foods has grown to become one of the major world food & distribution Company supplying to UK and European ethnic wholesale, retail & HORECA channel. As a wholesale member of Today’s buying group, Top-Op Foods have been preferred supplier of largest world food products from our central distribution centre in London.

Since its inception, customer satisfaction has been the centre of Top-Op Foods & we have been constantly working with various channel partners & organizations globally in order to maintain a sustainable growth path through todays’ changing times. Since its inception, our business has been based on five core values:

Core Values (Principles)

Integrity – We believe in running our business & conducting our business activities with integrity and with respect for our people.

Working with others – We want to work with suppliers who have values similar to our own and work to the same standards we do. Our existing business partner values, aligned to our own values of business.

Consumer Understanding & Focus – Consumers are at the heart of our business. Through consumer analysis and insight into their preferences, we make sure we know them better. It helps us make accurate product and broad decisions. The insights we gain help us identify opportunities for innovation and serve our customer.

Pioneering – We want to be recognized for leading the way into new areas & breaking new grounds. We are brave enough to take calculated risks and positively pursuing opportunities.

Team Work – We truly believe in team work & work with transparency & mutual trust to achieve our business objectives.

At Top Op Foods, we constantly aim to enhance consumer experience by providing best quality products & service. We aim to be a key supplier of power brands in the foods and drink industry.